Brewery Project

Melvin Brewing, San Diego

Project Details


  • Adapt a former Mexican food kitchen into a modern, Asian fusion brewpub.
  • The 2nd satellite brewpub location for Alpha King award-winning brewery based in Alpine, WY


  • Fitting a brewery into an existing kitchen space while maintaining the kitchen’s serviceability.
  • The space is in an existing mixed-use 8 story condominium building over a parking garage with a post-tension concrete floor and no available duct shafts to the exterior to allow for venting of the brewhouse.
  • We were able to do a steam condensate stack, horizontal burner vent to an exterior wall, skid-mounted tanks to distribute the loads evenly, suspend the glycol chiller from a wall above an existing electrical transformer, and expand the cold box to create a functional, and dynamic space.


Brewery System

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