Brewery Project

Burning Beard Brewing Company

Project Details


  • Convert an existing industrial warehouse building into a destination craft brewery and tasting room with a rock ‘n roll vibe.
  • Take inspiration from the client’s metal brazing business by incorporating exposed beams and repurposed industrial parts and equipment. To capture this vibe and capitalize on the warm summer weather, Hauck designed an inside-out tasting room shell with exposed steel beams, metal facades, and tables supported by retired manufacturing equipment.


  • The brewery is located in El Cajon, CA where 5 months of the year the average temperature is over 80°F. The original building was not designed for customer occupancy, so it had no air conditioning or insulation. 
  • With only one exit and no existing fire sprinklers, the taproom occupancy had to remain under 49 persons, while still providing an open feel with views of the brewery.
  • Hauck came up with a clever solution to create a conditioned shell inside the industrial building while still letting the patrons know they are in an operating craft brewery.


Brewery System

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