Q: 11 of 21 Questions To Ask Your Architect

What would the architect expect the fee to be for this project? No two projects are the same. Therefore, no two projects have the same fee structure. If the scope of a project is clearly defined from the beginning, we are able to estimate the time and resources necessary to perform each project phase. Our […]

Q: 10 of 21 Questions To Ask Your Architect

How does the architect establish fees? There are many ways architects establish fees for their services. Architects may set fees as an hourly rate for time and materials, as a percentage of the construction cost, or as a stipulated sum. If the project scope is yet to be clearly defined, an hourly rate my be […]

Q: #8 of 21 Questions To Ask Your Architect

8. How busy is the architect? The Architecture process is one made up of several phases. No two projects are in the exact same phase of the design process at the same time. Time management is the key to balancing schedules and assuring timely completion of project tasks. We are well experienced in balancing schedules […]

Two cars, one parking space.

Recently, a potential client asked Hauck Architecture about the possability of incorporating a car lift into his new home. This residential project was a new single family home on a small, ocean front lot in the La Jolla neighborhood of San Diego. Every square inch of the property was extrememly valuable. Taking up more site […]

Q: #7 of 21 Questions To Ask Your Architect

7. How interested is the architect in this project? Every project is important to us. From a small interior design remodel to a custom home, to a large tenant improvement, each project receives the same level of dedication and attention. As a small office, we take pride in the direct, hands-on approach, working with you […]

Q: #6 of 21 Questions To Ask Your Architect

6. Who from the architecture firm will you be dealing with directly? Is that the same person who will be designing the project? Who will be designing your project? Hauck Architecture is a small, hands-on office. Our principal, T. Dustin Hauck, deals directly with all clients throughout the design process. Other talented members of our […]

Q: #5 of 21 Questions To Ask Your Architect

5. How will the architect establish priorities and make decisions? Project priorities are established early in the design process. During the initial stages, we listen carefully to your needs, goals and objectives, prioritizing all the issues. Throughout the design process, each priority is considered and addressed. Design decisions are made with these priorities in mind. […]

Q: #4 of 21 Questions To Ask Your Architect

4. How will the architect gather information about your needs, goals, etc.? Listening is the most important thing we, as architects, can do to assess our client’s needs and goals. Many clients have a good idea of what they want, even before our first meeting. Others may have a general idea but don’t know the […]

Q: #3 of 21 Questions To Ask Your Architect

3. How will the architect approach your project? Each and every project at Hauck Architecture is given the same commitment and respect. After assessing the project goals, challenges and expectations, we develop a cohesive plan to meet all the issues. The execution of this plan is what sets Hauck Architecture apart. Working within the project […]

Q: #2 of 21 Questions To Ask Your Architect

2. What are the challenges of the project? Each project has its own set of challenges. It may be a unique lot shape, strict government regulations, a tight budget or even all of the above. At Hauck Architecture, we have over 15 years of experience in working with a variety of project types and a […]