Q: 13 of 21 Questions To Ask Your Architect

How does the architect organize the process?

The organization of the architectural process follows simple step-by-step phasing in order to stay on track. This industry proven process defines an architectural project. While some projects may be more complex, and others more simple, these steps apply to every project.


In the pre-design phase, we work closely with the client to develop a project program that defines the scope of the project. In this phase we will also research building and zoning codes for the site and field measure any existing conditions. This sets the stage for the next phase of Schematic Design.

Schematic Design

During the Schematic Design phase, we explore a multitude of design options. Many times, one single option does not contain all of the desired components. We will take the best of all the options and come up with a cohesive plan that incorporates all the best parts of each design.

Design Development

In Design Development, the designs from the Schematic Design phase are brought together and further developed into a detailed representation of the project. All aspects are explored and resolved into an overall design that takes into consideration all parts of the project.

Construction Documents

Once the Design Development phase is complete, preparation of the Construction Documents can begin. The Construction Documents make up the drawings that will be used for permit, bidding and construction. They will be a part of the contract between the owner and contractor that guide the entire construction process.

Construction Administration

Construction Administration is the overseeing of the project to make sure it is being constructed in accordance with the Construction Documents and the design intent. The architect works closely with the contractor and the owner to address on-site issues and answer any questions that arise.